Deck Options - Pros and Cons


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There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to pool/patio decks. I thought it might help people decide what type of decking would work best for them if we listed some of the pros and cons of each type with examples.

So, if you could, just post a picture and any pros and cons you can think of.

I'll start:

It is easy on your feet/slip resistant, comes in various colors, and is fairly durable - can be gently pressure washed and doesn't stain too easily. Also, it can be applied to new or existing concrete.

**Grain of salt - We have had our deck for less than 6 months so time will tell if these claims hold to be true.

Somewhat expensive. In south Houston, cost was $9 per sq ft. Can be damaged if pressure washed under high pressure. Costly to add to existing deck at a later date.

Overall look:


Here is a link for more info:


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Apr 8, 2007
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Our deck for the AGP is just about complete. We used ChoiceDek composite for the flooring (wood grain side up) and treated for the railings - the rails will be painted with "lifetime" paint to match our house trim next spring after the required drying period.

We chose the composite mainly for the reason that we do not want to have to maintain the flooring with chemicals, stain or other products. A simple broom and hose should keep it in shape. The wood grain is no more slipppery than regular wood and does not seem to be any hotter than our wood deck in the sun, actually a bit less just because it is gray and lighter, our wood deck is stained hunter green so soaks up more heat. It looks good so far!


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Apr 15, 2007
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ChoiceDec composite is great stuff! The "no maintenance" thing and the great look of ChoiceDec were very tempting, for me.

I had six decks built on my property and at 3 times the cost of materials for ChoiceDec, I decided to just do the annual maintenance. The $15,000 I paid in materials would have been about $45,000 for ChoiceDec. I'm still not sure if it was the best decision, though. At least I won't feel so bad when it gets scratched-up.


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Apr 13, 2007
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we used all pavers for our pool and pavillion deck. They are tumbled for that "older" look. we also used slightly larger pavers for our coping. The cost was more that concrete, but cheaper than sundek or stamping. they are of varing size and layed in a random pattern. these use a sand joint that is then sealed.


no cracking.
if a paver is stained or damaged, pull it out and replace seamlessly.
ability to remove and fix any plumbing problems. ( if fact the installer removed a section to run a downspout drain across the sidewalk).
old world look.


rougher to feet and hands.....not much
heat retention with darker colors


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Mar 16, 2015
rowlett, tx

We used Travertine for 3,000 sq.ft. and Belgrade pavers for about 400 sq.ft. and Trex walkway along the water

Stays cool in high temp areas
The look we wanted to achieve
Durability and easy to replace
Weeds may grow in the cracks and have to be killed

I just love it when you post. I get to see pics of your pool!