Deck for AG, Which is Better to Do?


Jul 22, 2010
NW Florida
My question is which is better to build the deck level with the top rail of the pool, under the top rail or edge of the pool, or over the top of the pool edge? My husband and I keep debating on what to do. When I had an AG pool before several years ago, my oldest son bent the top rail of the pool when he jumped off the edge (the deck edge was built under the top rail of the pool). We want to have room to put a cover on it for the fall/winter, too. We are not going all the way around, just a portion big enough for patio furniture, etc.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Even with the edge looks really nice,but requires more cutting to sit flush with the edge. I think building under the edge will give you more room to put on a winter cover. You could try building a small platform for your son to jump off of. Maybe a 4"-6" high box screwed onto the deck would work.


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Jul 11, 2008
I have a deck that runs about 4-5 inches under the railing. The only couple of issues with this I see is 1) a kid could accidentally hook their foot between the rail and the deck when running and jumping in the pool.....2) ours has a small gap and occassionally some of the smaller pool toys/balls roll under the deck. Our pool man told us from the beginning that our kids (8 & 10 could probably jump from the columns but not the rails), so we told them if they wanted their pool to last they couldn't. They seem to be doing well with this so far. Last year my husband talked me into putting a cover on our pool. It fit fine with no issues, although it was a pain in the rear in my opinion and not worth the trouble. Since we live in the South it's just easier to kick the pump on if the temps get low. Hope this helps....:)
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