Dear wife added algaecide...


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Jun 13, 2010
The pool had a light coating of green on the bottom, which I vacuumed yesterday. Not sure whether I actually got any of the stuff up, or just mixed it around.

Had some business to attend to over the weekend, so I asked her to pick a few gallons of bleach and told her how much to put in. She bought the bleach, and also some AquaChem 50% algaecide {no copper stuff}

She added the bleach I told her to, then added the algaecide at the 'shock' level, 14oz per 10K gallons, divided by three for our 3100 gallon Blue Blob Poo, about 4.5 oz.

Well, the green is gone, replaced by cloudy! FC is in the high 5's, all other chemistry at nice levels.

I intend on keeping a high FC level for a while, get those nooks and crannies knocked out. I think the cloudiness will pass with time.

Question is, is the water safe for swimming now? Label directions are less than helpful, only stating that swimmer should wait 15 minutes, but is that for their 'maintenance' level dose, or the 'shock' level dose?

Awful hot around here sure would be nice to get in the pool! Any other tips gladly accepted!


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Feb 23, 2008
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Go ahead and post the rest of your test results for us to see. Specifically, I am interested in your CYA and whether you have any CC or not.


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Jun 13, 2010
My test doesnt cover the CYA, last test a few weeks ago at Leslies showed it low and I brought it up to 90, we've had some rains, I'm guessing 75 or 80 would be a good guess.

Have to go out and retest for CC.
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