DE is in the pool again


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May 9, 2016
New fns plus filter 48 from

after first startup I had dirty de the color of mud throughout pool.

cleaned and inspected all grids today no holes or tears. Manifold was t all the way down on manifold pipe so I greased up the o ring and it’s sitting better.

recharged and now I have more de in the pool. Cleaned off again just now and vacuuming DE out again.

charged up again and watched the return for any DE but did not see any shooting out.

when I checked after cleaning the first time the new DE was caked on top of the manifold and the pressure tube. I notice my psi is higher at 18psu clean. Usually with old filter of the same model clean was 12-13psi.


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Jun 3, 2020
poughkeepsie, ny

This video mentions a gasket to check. not sure if this will help but the video is from inyo pools also

just noticed this is really old post but I'm gonna leave this hear cause it may help someone else
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