1. M

    Wiring and scheduling a VSF

    I am a first time pool owner and have a question about the wiring and programming of my Pentair VSF filter pump with an EasyTouch system. I think my pool builder made a mistake and wired my VSF filter to the load side. This meant the pump wasn't getting power unless the filter relay was...
  2. R

    Pool temp and chlorine generation

    My pentair salt generator is not producing chlorine even after cleaning. All lights are green. My pool supply guy says he has checked everything as far as chemicals go. He suggested that running the heat pump at high temperatures might be causing the issue. We like keeping the pool between 85...
  3. C

    HELP - Pentair Mastertemp 250 Not connected to EasyTouch and now won't start

    Hi everyone, hoping for some feedback. I'll try and explain the series of events. A month ago, I happen to notice our pool water was in the high 90's deg. The temperature set in the Pentair mobile app was set for 65 deg, but it seemed the heater disconnected from the EasyTouch Panel and was...
  4. W

    Help Setting the Clock on Intelliflo3 Pump

    I just bought a Pentair Intelliflo3 VSF, model 011075. It does not have the optional touchscreen. Everything is working fine, except that the clock time is wrong. I have searched both the "Intelliflo3 VSF Variable Speed and Flow Pumps Installation and Maintenance Guide" and the "Pentair Home...
  5. J

    Pentair Easytouch PL4 not communicating with Ultratemp Heat Pump

    Hi, I have a Pentair PL4 and Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump. The controller works fine with all features (cleaner, lights, high speed, low speed), and the settings in the ScreenLogic app reflect the settings on the controller. However, the Ultratemp won't change from 70 degrees, no matter what the...
  6. S

    Suggestions for a trouble free controller setup for a Pentair system

    We have a vacation home with a Pentair EasyTouch pool & spa that we also rent out as a vacation rental. The controller set up has been giving us and our guests a lot of headache. Any suggestions for a pool controller system that would let us do the following? - Guests only have access to spa...
  7. D

    Pool Heater Doesn't Seem to Work All The Time

    This is our first pool and we've only had it a few months. Every time we go to use the heater, we have issues. Twice I have set it at night before bed so it would be warm by morning. In the morning, the heater is off and the water is 1-2 degrees warmer than when I went to bed. I turn it back on...
  8. V

    Need help confirming choices of new gunite build

    Hi TFP community, I'm new to this forum and found out about it while doing some research on pool design. I decided to build a pool without going through a PB. Through my research I ended up selecting the following setup using Pentair equipment: The pool will be rectangular 32x18 from 3' to 6'...
  9. Js1994

    Pentair Heater Chiller not working

    My heater tries to come on, but sounds like it surges then kicks off. We hear a buzzing sound from the main breaker box.
  10. K

    Pentair Intelliflo VSF 011056 replacing vs 3050 - control cable question

    I am swapping out a dead Pentair vs3050 with a new Pentair Intelliflo VSF 011056. The original vs3050 control cable from the panel fits the control cable plug socket on the VSF, but it does not have the screw on retainer so I suspect it may not be exactly the same. Can I simply plug the...
  11. B

    How important is the rubber washer for the retaining screw of the impeller for a Pentair Intelliflo 4 160?

    Hi everyone, I just replaced the shaft seal of a leaking Pentair Intelliflo 4 160 variable speed pump. When I put it back together, the pump worked better than before (no little bubbles in the pump lid, still a couple large bubbles). However, there was a consistent drip of water under the...
  12. M

    Intellivalve actuator not moving

    I think my best fix would be to remove the actuator and put a manual valve on there for the time being since it will be a couple weeks before I can get pentair out there to warranty it. Any videos/advice to remove it correctly?
  13. M

    Pentair magic bowls - paint peeling

    I've had these Pentair Magic Bowls installed for three years now. Anyone have any ideas on how I can stop the paint from peeling? It's not limited to just the water surface area. As you can see it is even peeling off the top area where there is no water. It's worse where there is water contact.
  14. T

    New Automation System

    My current pool filter pump needs replaced. It is an old Pentair whisper flo two speed pump that was controlled with a standard control panel with Intermatic timers. The pool also has a single speed Polaris booster pump that runs a Polaris suction pool cleaner. The wiring was not done well and...
  15. OmniPools

    Minimax Heater NT; NOT IGNITING

    Hey yall! So I've come across an issue with a clients minimax NT. This heater will not ignite for no one. Currently I'm receiving 120v in and out of the hot surface ignitor, I can see it turning RED. The gas valve is receiving 24v at the blue and white wires. Incoming Gas pressure is 8" wc...
  16. J

    Pentair Laminar Wiring

    Hello we are getting ready to install Pentair laminars that will be connected to intellicenter. Here is my layout.....1st laminar is about 60' from the intellicenter, 2nd is about 40' from 1st and 3rd is about 25' from the 2nd. (pic attached). So my question is, do i need to homerun a 1"...
  17. S

    Intellicenter - Freeze protection says it is on, but pump speed is 0

    Hello - I have a mystery. I have a intellicenter running two separate systems for pool and spa. When temp drops, both say that they are on freeze protection and the green light is on for both pumps on the app, but the spa pump flow is 0. I went and checked this morning, and the pump is not on...
  18. J

    Can Pentair EasyTouch handle more than four actuators?

    I am using the four ports already and I need one more for my last remodel. Is there a device I can use to add an extra port somehow? Thanks
  19. MaverickFL

    Review: New Pentair IntelliFlo3 VSF

    Finally an opportunity for a little bit of give back on this forum. With some support and encouragement from my friend @Jimrahbe I purchased this new Intelliflo3 VSF pump mostly because the previous model was infinitely backordered. I am so glad I did, so far I love this pump! Here is my...
  20. D

    Pentair Intelliflo 4 160 Alarm goes off and I cannot get it to work

    The pump had been leaking for a couple of years and I finally decided to replace it. I found the motor on amazon and so I ordered a new motor and seal plate. I kept the wet side and control panel from the original. After watching some videos I replaced the motor. Seemed like it went well...
  21. D

    Pentair Mastertemp 300 not working right after cleaning

    Hey everyone! New pool owner here. Bought a house with an existing 33k gallon in-ground pool with a Pentair Mastertemp 300 which has been working flawlessly for almost two seasons that I've owned it until I decided to clean it and I messed things up royally. First off, I was installing a wire...
  22. D

    Two terrible sounds from brand new Pentair VSF pump.

    First post! This forum has been a great resource ever since I became a first-time pool owner a few months ago! After replacing the old WhisperFlo pump with a brand new Intelliflo VSF, I have heard two different noises, which definitely don’t sound normal, coming from said pump. The first is...
  23. H

    New member from Pearland (Houston) Texas

    Hi there, I have experience with maintaining a simple chlorine pool with a single speed pump, single cartridge filter and cholorine tablet dispenser for a pool that's screened in. So low maintenance. Now we have a salt water pool, with pentair variable speed pump, pentair controler panel...
  24. Chgorob1

    Intellicenter Err message with Solar

    Has anyone familiar with Pentair IntelliCenter know what this err message means? See photo It also shows if I do solar preferred. Does not appear if I select Mastertemp400 heater, only solar
  25. J

    Talk me off the edge! (Automation, etc.)

    OK. I am pretty frustrated with my equipment (pump-swg), and I am considering starting over. I want my automation to work more smoothly, and I'd like to gain some reliability. What I have: Control: iAqualink 2.0 with the V2 board. Main Pump: A centry V-green pump. I have the V-Green...
  26. A

    iAquaLink 3.0 + Superflo VST

    Has anyone successfully gotten the iAquaLink 3.0 Controller to read and change the pump speed of a Pentair Superflo VST pump?
  27. pool light.jpg

    pool light.jpg

    Inground pool light
  28. T

    Is my Pentair Outdoor Wireless Transceiver Board Fried?

    I can't control control my system remotely through the ScreenLogic app. I suspect the outdoor transceiver board is fried. I'm not getting the Power (PWR) or Receiving (RX) to light up at all and the Transmitting (TX) LED rapidly flashes yellow. When I removed the cable from the board I...
  29. D

    Pentair Superflo VS 342001 pump causing frequency problem with salt generator

    My Pentair Superflo had a short in the feed that damaged the main board in my Jandy salt cell. Rewired pump and replaced board and everything works fine except whenever the pump is running the salt cell is not getting 60 Mhz and will not generate.
  30. P

    Creating a "Spa Low Jets" setting on Pentair Screenlogic 2

    Is there a way to create a circuit in Screenlogic that mimics the "Spa" circuit, but just has a lower pump rpm? Right now my Spa setting sets the jets to 3450 rpm and has lots of bubbles in the spa. Sometimes I'd like to keep the heat going and not have the bubbles. Ideally, I would create some...