1. Joe Garcia

    Jacuzzi JVS 185S Above Ground Pool Pump...Simply Awesome from A-Z!

    My 10 year old single speed pool pump recently started to go south and I knew it was time for a change to a variable speed pump to save some money on my energy bill. Before my pump totally died I thought I should do some research on the main brands like Hayward and Pentair. I went to my local...
  2. Steve-D

    New to Pentair ScreenLogic

    Greetings all. We have a new build and Pentair came out yesterday to do the basic programming which was pretty much the last step in the installation. Surprise surprise, we can no longer control the pump at its controls (learned this is normal) and double surprise we learned that The Android...
  3. N

    IC40 with no lights

    Been a pool owner since 2019. The pool is fairly old, and I think the previous homeowners knew everything was about to die (not just the pool) and decided to sell. At opening 2020, IC40 worked fine at first, but then died (no lights). After some research, I determined it was probably beyond...
  4. S

    Replacing cut cables

    Both my communication cable for the pentair superflo vs and the aquacal temperature cable have been cut. That is why it hasn't been working. Is this something that I can fix myself? How do I figure out what cables to order? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. G

    Pentair Ultratemp 120 no heat!! Am I right????

    Hi All! Opened my pool for its second season. Haven’t gotten any heat out of my Pentair Ultratemp 120 Heat Pump. Only used for one northeast season. Pool was winterized by a professional company. Last season it worked great, heated the 10,000 gallon pool quickly and was even able to make it a...
  6. N

    Recommendation on how long and speed of pool pump

    Hi, I have Pentair VSP and I have been running for years at highest speed for 12 hours a day. I have also read somewhere that you can run at low pump, maybe at 1000 ppm. Is that right? With electricity cost nowadays, I hope I can save a few bucks here and there. What is your recommendation...
  7. A

    IC40 red flow, but replaced flow switch already

    Hello everyone. I have a pool I had built close to 5 years ago and a IC40 was put in. I havent had any trouble out of it until this year when I went to open my pool it shows a red flow light and the salt level is blinking between good and low. My assumption is the salt level reading isn't...
  8. R

    Brand New Pentair MasterTEmp 250 wont fire up

    Help. We replaced our previously blow Pentair MasterTemp 250 with the exact same model, thought 5 years newer, same plumbing same position everything and when we set it up exactly as is out of the box, it wont kick on. We have put a manometer to the test port on the outsdie the heater and...
  9. F

    Pentair 601012 5G LED light Dying

    Hello, My pool light got dim and was flickering by the end of last years pools season. The normally bright green on the controller (Pentair 600054 Intellibrite) is a very low level green, and doesn't seem to be able to turn off the what's still barely visible of the pool light illuminating...
  10. M

    Pentair Clean and Clear plus Clamp won't screw on now

    I was cleaning the filter and now the barrel nut is not staying on steel bolt that is attached to the clamp. I can tell the threads are messed up. Is there a way to replace just that bolt? I see it's available for sale but wasn't able to find any info on changing it out. I would hate to change...
  11. M

    Pentair Equipment shows “Communication Lost”

    Hi, we just finished our pool and spa in February of this year. We’ve had this issue with “communication lost” 3 times since start up. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if someone may have an idea of what’s going wrong. In a nutshell, I randomly notice that the pool is not on...
  12. T

    Pentair Clean&Clear quality issues - Rust and Pressure Gauge thread breaking

    I have a Clean and Clear 420 installed in 2020. pH and chlorine are both controlled with IntelliChem/IntelliChlor (SWCG) connected to IntelliCenter. The band is rusted and the filter cartridges are fully discolored due to rust. I use Pentair automation equipment and I thought it should maintain...
  13. T

    In Need Of Pentair Intellicenter Indoor Control Panel

    Hi All! I am in need of a Pentair 522035 Intellicenter Indoor Control Panel - does anyone know of a vendor with them in stock, or even better, does anyone have one they wish to sell? Used or new is fine! I have been searching for 2 weeks now with no luck Thank you..
  14. KING-OLE

    Cold Water light on Pentair IC40

    I know there's an older threat, but it suggested I create a new one, so here we go. The COLD WATER light in currently on my Pentair Intellichlor IC40. I live in Houston, TX, so I know the water is not cold in mid April. I tried following the steps in the previous post, pressing the MORE...
  15. R

    WhisperFlo not flowing, but motor is normal

    Yesterday, I noticed that my volute wasn't filling completely, regardless which valve was on (floor, skimmer, or vacuum). Due to an aftermarket dark blue basket, it's hard to see down in there now, but I could see water swirling around, like in a flushing toilet. I also *thought* I was seeing...
  16. P

    Pentair EasyTouch4 Spa Feature Circuit

    New pool, first time post, thanks in advance. I just had pool/spa redesigned with all new Pentair equipment; EasyTouch4, Intelliflo VSF, Mastertemp 400, Intellichlor IC40, two Hayward PSVs. I wanted my pool contractor to add a Spa Low feature circuit but nothing he has tried works; the valves...
  17. Rkasbury

    CMP Waterfall lights and Pentair MicroBrite lights not syncing

    I just had a new in ground pool completed after a year of Covid-19 related equipment supply issues. Everything is functioning well with the exception of the lighting. My pool professional has had a really hard time getting the aforementioned different brands of LED lights to sync the colors and...
  18. Chgorob1

    Variable speed pump power connection

    I just upgraded my IntelliCenter system with a Pentair 3hp variable speed pump from a single speed pump. I successfully connected the control wires to the panel. However the problem lies in a variable speed pump needs to have power all the time and right now when it calls to turn off it cuts the...
  19. S

    Pentair heat pump turns on and off and won’t maintain temperature

    We have a Pentair ultra temp electric heat pump for our pool and spa. We are finding that the spa cannot be heated past 98° When the air temperature is in the mid 50s and the heat pump turns on and off multiple times within a minute or two. It’ll keep doing this once the spa reaches 98°. The two...
  20. T

    Pentair set up for existing system new homeowners

    Hello, I purchased a house with the pool already installed and the old owners still haven’t given us the password to the pentair intelligence controller. How do I “reset” the system or gain access to control the functions on the application? Do I need to call pentair or is it something I can do?
  21. M

    Aqualink-compatible VS pumps - alternative to 011056?

    I did a whole lot of research and was going up upgrade my Aqualink to a iAqualink v3, and get a 011056 Pentair VSF pump which is apparently compatible with it. But, my installer has told me that his supplier says that Pentair's factory is shut down and that they can't get the 011056 or other...
  22. C

    Pentair GloBrite Failure, Removal & Replacement

    Like so many others, I have encountered failure on two out of my three Pentair GloBrite in ground pool lights. Interestingly, the two failed within days of each other, while the third is still operating, for now. I'm looking into Florida Sunseeker replacement options, as OEM Pentair lights are...
  23. P

    Freeze Protection not executing as expected

    This is my first freeze season with a pool. I have 2 pentair VS pumps and intellitouch control panel. I have setup the programming such that "on with freeze" is enabled for the following modes/features: spa, pool, floor cleaner (PV3, set as "generic device"), deck jets, bubbler, spillway, and...
  24. J

    Pentair superflo vs

    I just installed this pump. But when I push quick clean the water disappears out of the pump, the pool jets don't come on. I don't see a leak. I did the wiring how it was on the old pump. What else is wrong?
  25. J

    Pentair Master Temp 125 gas valve "sticking"

    I have a Pentair Master Temp 125 gas heater for my spa. It's been working good for a year, but recently it will not fire up. I hear a "buzz" sound 3 times then the "service heater" light comes on. I followed the troubleshooting guide, which determined the gas valve needs to be replaced. This is...
  26. S

    Pentair EasyTouch : single-body unit for pool w attached spa?

    [UPDATE] The Pentair single-body EasyTouch system will operate a spa w 2 valves, see below. Hi, I have a pool with attached spa, incl. an actuator valve for both inlet and outlet lines. I just replaced my flaky unit with one for single-body systems. the valves don't move when I hit spa mode on...
  27. mzuniga

    CO2 Setup

    Hello Folks. A few months ago I finished my pool and always wanting to experiment with automation, I pull the trigger on a Intellichem with CO2 system. Per recommendation on this forum I'm not using it for chlorine control but only for pH control. I'm not to concerned about the additional...
  28. A

    "SPA" triggering heater but there's not SPA

    Hello all, new to the forum and appreciate all the information here. Hoping this hasn't been covered as I couldn't find a topic similar. 15K Pool Pentair Easy Touch PL4 contoller Pentair Mastertemp 400 Heater Glacier Chiller No SPA My PB set up the automation and was probably less familiar...
  29. maxxis

    Pump Replacement 2-speed to Variable Speed Pump & Panel Upgrade Advice

    Hi all, Looking for advice on replacing my failing rebuilt Whisperflo II 2-speed 1-hp 240V pump controlled by a 2004 Intellitouch/easy touch P4 system (motherboard upgraded to UOC: 2.160, Bootloader UOC: 1.010). In addition to the pump, the system controls a Jandy Valve for the solar panels, the...
  30. A

    Pump doesn’t turn on once it reaches the set “start time”.

    So I have a Pentair Intelliflo VS + SRVS pump that will not kick on once it reaches the start time I have it set to, whenever I have the pump running on Auto. Couldn’t figure out what the issue was, so I left it running on service on the set schedule (I will be back tomorrow). Don’t understand...