1. A

    Seeking advice - suction cleaner and variable speed pump

    Hi guys New to the forum and to pool ownership - thanks in advance for your help. I have a Hayward Tristar VS pump and have just purchased a Pentair Rebel 2 suction cleaner. I also have the Poolrite style vacuum plate with the valve to control the skimmer. I’ve followed the instructions to...
  2. O

    New Pennsylvania Pool

    Hi, It's my first post here, and I'm a self declared newbie to the pool space--about to fulfill a lifelong dream of having our own swimming pool. So plan is to build a rectangular 18x40 Gunite SWG pool, 3.5 to 7.5 feet deep, with a built in spa and an autocover to cover it all. There are no...
  3. 1

    Mastertemp400 cycling in spa mode

    Hey experts, When I turn my mastertemp 400 onto spa mode. It will run for about a minute then turn on a HLS error light. After maybe two minutes light will go off and it will go through the same process again. This issue first started with an E05 error message. I came to this forum to start...
  4. M

    Master temp 400

    Turn the heater on fan turns on then immediately goes to service mode. Water flow is good, gas pressure good, changed board, changed air flow switch still goes to service light immediately. Any ideas.
  5. Q

    Pentair WhisperFlo Pump Loud Humming Sound

    Hi, our Pentair WhisperFlo Pump WFE-3 011512 .75 HP FULL RATED it's making loud humming sound and does not turn on sometimes, I talked with Pentair tech support and they said to try to change the CSC capacitor, but they don't have part number I took the capacitor off and has tons of number...
  6. D

    Demo in CA Bay Area? Is there really any difference?

    I was hoping to find a robotic cleaner to demo for a day before spending $1,000 + on one. I can't believe how hard it is to find a dealer in the east bay area that has a demo, its not like I'm in the middle of nowhere... The Dolphin "Elite Dealer" I talked to today doesn't even stock any of...
  7. W

    Pentair IC40 alternating LED

    SWG acting up, bad IC40. Salt level alternating red green Pwr solid green Cell off Flow solid red Output LED on for the level I have set. I replaced flow switch 2017. Removed swg and made sure flow switch was still lined up properly and powered on and depress flow sensor made no difference...
  8. A

    New Inground Vinyl Liner Pool! Liner going in, almost done!

    Hey Everyone! I am new to the forum and am very thankful for all the knowledge I have gained going through threads :). I’ll be documenting our pool build to share the fun! Details- General design picture attached. 18x40 Vinyl Liner Rectangle Pool 8ft deep end Diving Board Steps all the way...
  9. jneuharth

    Having Pentair equipment "Work Together" without automation

    Hello Fellow TFP Members! I recently upgraded my pool set up with the following: IntelliFlo VSF (3HP) MasterTemp 400k NG Heater IC40 SWG BioShield UV So far I love it compared to my past equipment. Just setting the flow level on the pump, a heater that can raise the temp of the pool 2 - 4...
  10. S

    DE filter needs frequent cleaning

    Hi! This is my first post! We have a Pentair Quad DE filter that's about 10 years old. We've lived here for 2 years, and the longest we've ever been able to go without a full cartridge cleaning is about 3 months, and that was right after we replaced the cartridges about 6 months ago. There is NO...
  11. G

    Pentair 011018 Discontinued

    Thoughts on the Pentair IntelliFlo model 011018 being discontinued? It was the base model 3HP VS from Pentair. This item was once considered to be the top of the line consumer pool pump from Pentair. Before the 011018 got its great rating, it was once the IntelliFlo 011013 which Pentair has...
  12. C

    Pentair MasterTemp 250 runs for couple minutes then triggers Service Heater light

    It starts fine, runs for 2-3 minutes then triggers the Service Heater. I took the front panel off to see the LEDs on the board and I see nothing that is on. What would tigger the Service light if no LEDs are triggered? If I turn it off and turn it back on, it will run again for the 2-3...
  13. PicsArt_06-26-03.34.26.jpg


    Pentair new (before salt conversion)
  14. RBEmerson

    Pentair SuperFlo err 0021

    (There a two threads about 0021 errors, but TFP policy basically says "no necro posting" Thread number 3 follows) OK, first time listener, first time caller. My Superflo is also giving err 0021's. I pulled the 5 pin connector, squirted contact cleaner, put the plug back and... no change. The...
  15. K

    Pentair intellibrite 5g wiring

    Hello all. Just got a new liner and had company install niche for pool light. Installed the intellibrite 5g 12V and ran all wiring back to my control panel. I installed the intellibrite controller, and connected controller to the pentair 12v transformer. Everything is wired exactly like...
  16. S

    Magicstream laminar LED lights no longer work

    Hi everyone, I looked through the forums and online but couldn't find much info and I was hoping you could help. I have 4 pentair magicstream laminars in my salt water pool and 3 of the 4 have LED lights that seem to have stopped working. The laminars still work great, but the LED lights no...
  17. O

    New IntelliFlo VSP & Plumbing Plans

    Hi All, We have a pool company coming out this weekend to install our new pump and I'm looking for some suggestions on the configurations. The attached images are of the pool and the plumbing as it is today. Our goal here is to move all of the equipment to one side, re-plumb everything to get...
  18. loganb

    Pentair Screenlogic2 setup

    Im not sure if Im doing something wrong or if my equipment is not compatible. I ordered the Pentair ScreenLogic Wireless Connection Kit 522620 and pentair screenlogic2 protocol adapter separate. Every thing is connected correctly so I think, when I try to connect locally via the pentair app it...
  19. R

    Pentair intelliconnect with Hayward variable pump

    Hi everyone I currently am looking to add an inexpensive heater automation device to my pool I have a raypak heater Hayward variable speed pump Hayward salt system Sand filter I was looking at the Pentair intelliconnect but was told by my pool service company that it wouldn’t be able to...
  20. D

    Salt Generator stays on when pump is off

    Hi, we have an Intellichlor salt generator. Whenever the pump is off the flow switch stays green. I took it off and tested the flow switch and it works fine when it’s not hooked up. I push it and it comes on I let go and it turns off. But once it’s hooked up and water starts flowing through...
  21. G

    Pentair Intelliflo VS 2013 version issues

    I turned off my pump the other day to clean my filters, and when trying to turn it back on, it would not react to most buttons I pushed giving me a KEY ERROR, key not in use. Sometimes it would prompt for the password but when hitting the Enter middle key I would again get the key error...
  22. S

    First Pool Build, at home stretch, Installing EasyTouch

    Good day everyone. What a great resource this forum and site has been overall. Thank you. I mounted up and wired the Pentair EasyTouch 8p, one body of water, no spa. I have 3 12V pentair lights, a Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed filter pump, a Pentair 011519 WhisperFlo water...
  23. T

    Pentair IntelliCenter

    I just swapped out my old mechanical timers for the newest Intellicenter controller. I have the smart app on my phone but would like the PC version of the same software. I remember the old Screen Logic software but can't find anything for the newest controller. I found a test site that showed...
  24. T


    I have an old Pentair DE filter. All the information has faded off the side. Its on its last leg but hoping to get through summer. Does anyone know which filter this is?
  25. E0EB26B9-D1B2-4EA5-B520-5E691F391015.jpeg


    Pentair Actuator
  26. C

    Why does our Pentair EasyTouch controller keep switching back and forth from Pool to Spa mode?

    We have a new Pentair EasyTouch controller with a Leisure Pools Pool/Spa combo. It's plumbed so it can either be in Pool mode or Spa mode. I've noticed the control unit keeps switching the valves back and forth from Pool to Spa about every 20 minutes. There are no schedules set and no egg...
  27. K

    wait 1 month after new pool surface for SWCG? And variable vs. single speed pump?

    Hi all, We are completely remodeling our pool, down to digging up and re-plumbing. I will start a post on the process so far asap. In the meanwhile I have two questions I haven't been able to find the answer to. We will be using all Pentair equipment (per builder, but I'm okay with that). I am...