Cyanuric Acid R-013 C, E, and F


In The Industry
Jul 24, 2019
Trinity, Florida
So I bought the Taylor 2006 instead of the Taylor 2006C which has the 2oz bottles instead of the .75oz bottles that came with my kit. Also being a newbie, I test alot, mostly to get a sense of the changes in my pool chemistry and learn how it changes. I still have lots of pretty much everything except the CYA R-0013. Now from what I gather, CYA changes less (unless you're adding certain chemicals and the chlorine pucks) which I am not, so my CYA levels have pretty much tested the same every time so i should probably start to test less. Anyways, I went on Amazon to buy some refils and came across some nice big bottles, 1qt and 16oz and also the 2oz bottle but they have different designations (C, R, and F). Is this just denoting the size of the bottles? Or should I just wait until most components are gone and get the 2006C?Thank you,