CYA not raising ?


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Jun 13, 2019
Hello everyone ,
Livelox here.

I am adding dichlor instead of bleach and up until now we have enough dichlor to SHOCK the pool (before i knew about slam) and adding every one or two days to maintain FC at 4-5 FC.
What I am wondering is that CYA will not raise ? Or even gets lower?
I am only using test strips to test cya since thats only what I have.
All test strips around 30 showed CYA 0-30ppm.
Is that normal ?

We have added some water here and there after friends came over and when we vaccumed to waste for 15 minutes.


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May 3, 2014
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You know the issue -- test strips.

I wouldn't bother with them. When you have added enough CYA with the use of dichlor to reach 50-60 ppm CYA, drain a third to half the pool, and start over.