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May 25, 2017
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Hi All, I had a health issue last year and before I got a chance to cover the pool it was winter. I ordered a new TF-100 refill kit, and as soon as it all thawed out I tested the water. I did have to add about 18 inches of water, to my 30' diameter pool. I checked the CYA and it was right around 20. I started the SLAM bringing up the FC to 10 as per the app. It cleared the pool quite a bit almost over night, but I am still working to get to the sweet spot, I know I will get there it's just gonna take time. My CC is still above 1, I checked the CYA today and there is none at all according to the beaker. We have had about 6" of rain over the last few days, my question is, is it possible that the combination of rain and hose water could have wiped out the stabilizer? I remember last year it was only around 30 all season. Also, can I get some recommendations on stabilizers to use, I know this is a crucial link to FC use and I don't want to mess it up.
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May 3, 2014
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I would suggest you add 20 ppm worth of CYA granules. Any stabilizer/conditioner will work. Sold at Walmart, Home Depot, etc.
Put the CYA in a sock/nylon and tie it shut. Put that in your skimmer and after a few hours squeeze it a few times until it is fully dissolved.

Test for your CYA 48 hours or so after it has fully dissolved.