CYA disappearing


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Jul 28, 2007
New Jersey
Hi all,

I finally joined this forum after years at being at the other. I learned a lot there and after a while realized there are a lot more knowlagable people than I in pool care and there was not much I was able to contribute. I still lurked there and read up on things but didn't contrubute much lately.

I had a rough 1st near (newbie itis), great years 2 through 4, last year opened up to a stained pool but all else was normal and this year opened up to a further stained pool and a problematic pool. As for the stain, I bought some stuff and it worked but all season long I've been fighting algea and today I found out that my CYA is gone again. 2 weeks into the season I had 35 PPM and today it's 0. Probably why I'm fighting algea.

Any ideas why CYA disappears? I kew about it leaving during winter but during the summer ....