Critique our pool build


Sep 12, 2020
What you guys think? Anything you would do different or add? equipment is stay rite pump, sta rite mod de filter, intlechlor salt generator, intelebright 5g pool light. Sorry for bad pic.


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Jul 7, 2014
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"Smelly", :mrgreen:

I don't see anything that stands out... but...

Make sure the salt cell is at least 2 x the volume of your pool.

I hope that you are getting a VS or at least a 2 speed pump, as when you have a saltwater pool you have to run the pump long enough to generate the amount of chlorine your pool needs. This can be expensive with a single speed pump.

While they look nice, I am not a personal fan of free-form pools as they take away the amount of free space for swim lanes. But, many people have them and love them..

I would make sure that the pool has 4 returns.. Basically, one on each "wall" of the pool.

I also like the idea of having two skimmers, unless you are going to have a screen-room..

Good luck with your new pool build,

Jim R.
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