Coverstar won't open sometimes


May 14, 2017
So my ~10 year old coverstar cover is being finicky this year. It closes fine (meaning the spools will wind the ropes IN) but when opening, the spools unravel the ropes, but the main drum is not turning to pull the cover in. If I don't stop the motor, the ropes become a mess as they twist on themselves and then I have to manually untangle.

I've fooled with the square "clutch" (torque limiter?) tightening, but that only seems to be controlling the torque on the rope spools and has no effect on the main axle/drum itself. I cannot find any documentation that shows what controls the connection between the motor and this axle.

For now, I usually unravel the ropes with the motor (with a helper manually ensuring they don't tangle) then manually (by-hand) turn the drum to reel in the cover.

Every so often when using the motor, the axle "catches" and it opens just fine! (So I feel like whatever is broken might not be totally lost.)

Is there another clutch somewhere that might need adjusting or replacing? Anyone have other ideas?