Coverstar integration with aqualink RS and iAqualink automation system


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Jun 25, 2012
Need some outside experience here. We are pool builders here, and have a customer where we installed an aqualink control system. We installed a coverstar eclipse autocover, and we installed the new coverstar rotary limit switch (our first cover to have this limit switch). As we have always done coverstar covers, I have no experience with the coverpools add-on module for the aqualink control panel. My question is can we use the coverpools interface board with the coverstar limit switch to use some of the built in aqualink features like decreasing SWG output and either closing and/or disabling water feature JVA's etc... Is there another way anyone knows of that the aqualink can better "talk" to the cover...



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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Welcome to TFP Mack,

While we have a few guys here that do service pools, most of us are owners, and have no idea about automation/control issues like this unless we've had the exact problem. It's entirely possible you may find the answer, but forgive us if we don't know it. Best of luck finding what you need, and enjoy the forum!
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