Couple questions about the little blue box - TFT1000

Apr 29, 2017

I have a couple questions regarding the test kit in the blue box that comes with the TFT1000.

After doing the pool math and due to the high CYN I have, it recommended a FC level of 7. The test kit with the different color shades of yellow only goes up to 5. Not sure what to do there. Do I keep it at the top range, and if so, how do you tell if you have too much chlorine?

The instructions for the Borates test seems to be the same as the FC one. But that means that the higher your chlorine the higher your borates then? That's confusing me. It just goes up and down with your chlorine level? Going by the test I have a Borate level of 10+ cause my FC is showing as 5+

Thanks for your help.


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Apr 17, 2010
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Scratch the little blue box for the chlorine test. You have a much better "drop based" FC test available there.


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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for the confused tester... :testkit:

The little blue box is used for two things.. testing pH and low levels of chlorine.

Since you are just starting out, as woody says, don't use it for chlorine testing for now. And since the borates test is not applicable to you, just ignore it.

The test you need to use to determine your FC level and CC level is the one labeled "Chlorine Drop Test".

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Reread the laminated instructions for "weekly" testing. You will find how to do the FAS/DPD test........very, very accurate.

Use that yellow CHLORINE test (OTO) for quick daIly tests.....not for accuracy..