Coping Questions: Design and Color - Specifically Travertine but All Chime In!


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Jan 20, 2017
St Augustine, FL
Has anyone used bull nose coping on a raised spa, raised bond beam walls, and columns BUT NOT on the pool?


Has anyone used different coping around the pool than the raised spa, etc?


Has anyone had bull nose coping on everything mentioned above BUT NOT the pool?


Has anyone placed bull nose coping on everything BUT NOT the pool and just had the pavers extend to the pool edge?

Here is why I am asking:

Long story short, we are changing our decking. We currently have travertine bull nose coping that we had delivered before the concrete pavers arrived. The coping for the pool was going to be bull nose concrete pavers but not anymore.

We are changing to travertine pavers. Now that the decking will be the same material as the coping on everything else, I am thinking about having the coping flowing and matching (totally didn't think about it before and glad we are making the changes).

The raised spa, raised bond beam wall, and columns will all have the same bull nose silver travertine coping. I was thinking of seeing about using the same coping on the pool. But not sure if it will look good with the decking we like.

Also, the bull nose coping does add quite a bit of cost. We got the coping from a distribution store the PB uses locally and are sourcing the decking direct from a whole sale store. So to get matching coping, it will be more than of we purchases coping from the travertine warehouse. So trying to figure out what to do and should we afford it (we can but who doesnt like to not spend more money) or what?

So same coping everywhere? Same color and material coping but most is bull nose and pool is square? Or coping everywhere but pool and let the pool just have decking run to water? Just worried about it not looking like they "fit together" with cohesive coping but also worried about the cost as moving to travertine from concrete pavers is already thousands more so trying to be smart.

Here is the decking we like (this is a photo from the store of a finished product so of course the colors are different than the samples we got bc of cameras and different screens etc but to show the color variances and the beiges mixed in)

These are all the samples we have and they are wet here. The piece the stone is sitting on is the coping we have for the spa, wall, and columns. The two small pieces to the right sitting on the tile (dark piece and light piece) are samples from the same batch that are the same as the previous photo. Our samples of this don't really show beige but you can clearly see how it looks in the above photo

And half of the spa with the stone half way done. This is wet as well. The piece in the previous pic is partocularly blue green but this is how it looks when mounted with more square footage

The sample that is the 2nd row from the bottom on the left, next to the ivory piece, that is called Alaskan Silver and while I love it, it is $5.69 a sq foot and even contractor pricing won't get it down to where we need it. That was the only color we liked from Stone Mart so I think we are going to make the drive to Travertine Mart instead and see the pavers in person and take a piece of our coping with us but having to decide on matching coping, not matching, no coping on pool it is just hard to visualize and I think not doing the same coping everywhere is going to look silly.
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