Coping and Tile Crew Cut Through Ground or Bonding Wire Basically Around Entire Perimeter!


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Jun 2, 2019
Welp, the inspector wound up going to my house and called the PM.
Inspector said it is acceptable to connect them together, and they will be back tomorrow to re-inspect after it's been fixed. So I at least now know that is acceptable to their inspection standards.
The PM wasn't exactly impressed that I called the inspector and said I made a big thing out of a nothing thing; and if there are any additional inspection fees then we are responsible. Mmmmkay, that's fine. Though I could argue that their sub-crew should be responsible because they were so careless but I won't do that. But, the sub denies wrongdoing and it is what it is. I explained that I didn't have ill intentions and didn't intend to call them ON the PB; that didn't cross my mind. I wanted to know what had to be done for proper inspections. I think I got the PM to understand my perspective more and all should be OK in the end.

Sometimes I listen to advice and get myself into trouble; but there again, at least I know the inspector will make sure it's done to their standards. 🤷‍♀️

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Aug 3, 2018
You should have an electrician verify that the bonding is all correct by testing it.

The bonding is a big deal. They didn't just make up the requirement out of thin air.

It needs to be done correctly. If someone cut the wires, the integrity has been compromised. It needs to checked by someone competent.

I would recommend that you have a copper grid installed beneath the pavers.
I agree with all of the above. That being said all they did for my pavers was a single loop of copper wire buried approx 2-3" under the pavers, 5' off of the edge of pool.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
You did the right thing and best thing to your interest. PB wants to get out cheap. Town inspector is nuetral he wants it done to code. The extra fee is nothing in safety of your pool. I always tell ppl to call their inspector when in doubt he wont tell you stories 99% of the time.
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