Connecting Pentair ICHLOr30 chlorine generator to Pentair VST pump


Nov 22, 2021
My old in ground pool is being renovated. I have an old single speed pump and a Pentair IChlor30 chlorine generator (connected to Pentair control box on wall, connected to timer). I want to install a Pentair SuperFlo VST pump. Does the VST pump have an output for the chlorine generator? I haven't found a wiring diagram. If not, I guess I have to find a way to sync the two. I already have to make changes out there because I don't have GFCI breaker feeding yet. The system is 115 volt.

Thank you.

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Apr 10, 2018
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This is from the IChlor manual (page 18):

SmartSense Flow Detection:
Connecting the iChlor SCG to an IntelliFlo pump (stand-alone mode only) SmartSense™ Flow Detection technology allows the connection of an IntelliFlo® Variable Speed Pump via RS-485 communication, to an iChlor® SCG power center while in stand-alone mode, by simply attaching the RS-485 cable from the pump, to the RS-485 connector located in the iChlor Power Center (see iChlor Power Center Wiring Diagram at the bottom of the next page). SmartSense is a safety feature that will continually monitor the status of the IntelliFlo pump before generating chlorine. Note: Flow detection is only available when the iChlor is installed alongside a PC100 Power Center (P/N 520556).

Although the SuperFlo VST does feature RS-485 communication, there are differences in protocols between the IntelliFlo and SuperFlo VST. You may need to contact Pentair directly unless someone else can confirm compatibility. You'll have to decide if it's worth upgrading to the IntelliFlo, which would also require 220-240v power.

Otherwise, you would wire the VST to receive constant power and use the timer for the SWG.
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