Concern for my SLAM


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Mar 16, 2017
Fort Worth, Texas
Started SLAMing my parent's pool (it is the one in my signature) last Saturday (3-25-2017). It was murky green color. Bottom of the pool could be seen but just barely. Added stabilizer and muratic acid to balance the water and started slamming. The pool still seems to be going through a lot of chlorine, typically 4-5 gallons of 8.25% bleach every day. Pool is clearing, yesterday was a blue color, bottom could be easily seen. Yesterday I also vacuumed it for the first time since starting the slam to remove the remaining leaves that we were unable to get with skimmer and to get other stuff of the bottom (backwashed the filter 4 times in about 4 hours while vacuuming.) Should I be concerned about the rate at which chlorine is still being consumed a week later, or is this normal?

FC - 3
CC - 5
pH - 6.8 (started off over 8, added acid, that combined with the addition of CYA and quite a bit of rain seems to have lowered it)
TA - 80
CH - Not tested
CYA - 40

Tested with a Taylor K-2006


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May 2, 2011
lebanon tn
Every pool is different but always a lot of bleach is needed to clear algae, especially with leaves and other organics in the pool. Stay the course! If it is clearing now should be just a little longer. Get your fc up and keep it at slam lev ls as often as you can until crystal clear, 0 fc loss overnight, and no cc. Remember slam level is 16 with cya 40


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Mar 16, 2017
Fort Worth, Texas
Yes, both CYA and FC level were zero when starting. Pool had been more or less ignored during the winter, filter was run to prevent freezing but no chemicals (including chlorine) were added.
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Jun 12, 2009
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Judging by your chlorine consumption and CC level I think you had a bacterial CYA-ammonia conversion. Your CYA got converted to ammonia and ammonia reacts quickly with chlorine to produce CC. Unfortunately adding CYA before killing the bacteria and removing the ammonia fed the bacteria and increased the ammonia amount most likely.

It's too late at this point, if there is any FC reading then the bacteria is taken care of so nothing to do now but keep the FC level up until the CC level drops and FC levels start to maintain better. It isn't something that is going to cause any additional problems going forward, just an explanation of why you are seeing the high chlorine demand and high CC level that you are. Keep the SLAM going as normal, check more often if you can so as not to let your FC level drop so low, and things will start to turn around at some point soon.


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Jun 11, 2016
statesboro, ga
Slamming pool for first time

Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.
Here are the latest chem numbers:


FC = 8

CC = .5

added 5 jugs 8.25% bleach to reach slam goal of 31



FC = 26

CC = 9


added 1 jug of 8.25% bleach


FC = 20.5

CC= 2

added 2 jugs 8.25% bleach


FC = 20.5

CC = 1


added 2 jugs 8.25% bleach


FC = 27

cc= 1.5

CYA = 70

19K gal, AG ,vinyl, sand Hayward DreamLine, pump Hayward Power-Flo LX
1.5 HP single speed, august 2015 install, water test kit Taylor K-2005,
Pentair IC20 SWG, water from community well.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.

Bill Webber