Colored water and sequestrants


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Feb 18, 2010
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I posted a version of this question in another topic, but I'm looking to elaborate a little.

If you unknowingly have metals in your water, and you add chlorine, then depending on the level of metals and your pool surface, you will either get staining or colored water. For now, ignore staining, just focus on colored water. I'm not talking a slight green tinge, I'm talking full blown reddish brown iron-infested water! For reference, our fill water tested today at .4ppm iron (an all time low for us!)

If you add the sequestrant after the water has already changed colors, will it change back to clear? What I'm wanting to know is, has anyone actually done this and see it work? Or for people who know the chemistry behind the different oxidation states of metals (chem geek?), does the chemistry say it will work?

I put in a quart of sequestrant while the pool was filling, but it wasn't enough, obviously. I bought two quarts of Sequa-Sol today, but I don't want to dump them in brown water if it won't work. I see no reason to 'waste' these bottles if it won't do any good, and I have no intention on doing a drain and refill.

As of right now, my options are:

1. The sequestrant will change the water back to clear and everything goes swimmingly.
2. Floc and vac to waste, then add these two bottles as I'm refilling.

I'd really rather go with option 1, but I'd like opinions here from those who have been there, done that, so to speak.


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It would be much better if you didn't start a new topic every time you had a question. It is getting rather tedious searching through all of your old topics trying to find the context I need to answer your questions. And please never ask the same question in more than one place.

If the water turns color because there are metals in the water, then yes sequestrant will turn it clear again. But there are many other reasons why the water might change color and it isn't always obvious which one caused the color change. If it wasn't metals, then sequestrant won't help.

Likewise, if the water changed colors because of metals in the water, then a floc treatment won't help. For that mater, a floc treatment is almost never worth the trouble even when it does work.

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