Coleman 22’x52” round pool

Tony D80

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May 26, 2020
Hello everyone! New to this thread and the metal frame above ground pool scene so hoping I can get some good advice.

We just purchased the 22 foot round pool by Coleman. We set it up on what we thought was level ground without pavers under the legs. As the water began to fill we noticed towards one and it was getting deeper than the other. Since it says to just put right on top of the grass we thought this was just because the grass had to be pressed down even though it was already cut very short. About halfway up with the water we noticed it was about 2 to 3 inches higher on one side of the pool and the other clearly showing it was not as level as we thought. On the deeper end it also seem to be pushing down on the supports into the grass about 2 inches into the ground which could be the cause of the big offset. Because of this we were concerned of extra stress on the supports or some sort of collapse if we continue to fill it up to the top and have been draining it for the last day so that we can start over.

Once the water is out or at least most out that we can lift the legs, is it possible to just put 2 inch thick pavers On the side that was sinking or should we be putting pavers under each of the 22 legs. If we did this and they are still off level someone is there a certain standard that we should not let the offset go beyond?
At the worst part with the area where the legs were going into the ground, we measured what was about a 3 1/2 inch difference in water level. I guess our concern is that if we lift the lower side of the pool and keep the other side where it is, would this cause the liner to stretch too much or even add extra weight and stress on these legs?

just trying to avoid a collapse or other danger at all cost since we do have kids that will be utilizing the pool and we don’t have a huge yes if the water was to all rush out.


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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
An expert should chime in soon but,

I would dig out your high ground to level the area.
Probably even dig some sod off of all the area and bring in sand to pack down, easier to level.
Put pavers under all the legs, not just some of them.

Google "water level" to find a fairly simple way to measure it.