Cloudy Water Please HELP!!!!


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First: Welcome to TFP!

I am going to be honest with you, your pool is not going to be clear by this weekend unless you drain it. Even if you had an adequate test kit in your hands right now it would still take time and those Intex filters are not very good at clearing up water. There's just too much going on with your water that it's not going to get fixed overnight. I would suggest draining anyway to get that floc out of the pool, it will wreck havoc on filters.

However, I do strongly suggest you stick with the site and get a kit. The kit and reading up on the procedures here are the best defense against having this happen again and preventing another weekend with a cloudy pool and disappointed kids. It's a bit of an investment, trust me I put it off at first too, but since finding this site I have never had an algae problem in my pool (unless I intentionally caused it, sometimes I like to practice my SLAM technique).

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Mar 24, 2014
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I picked up one of the HTH test kits from Wal-Mart on the way home. I ran both.

TF100 HTH 5 Way
FC 6.5 5+??? Bright yellow
CC 0.0 N/A
pH 8.0 8.0
TA 70 90-110?
CH 350 error
CYA 50 30

I only used my Speed Stir on the TF-100 test.
I did the HTH CYA test indoor at my testing area because the instructions did not indicate otherwise. I did the TFT one outside, back to the sun like the instructions indicate.
I ran the HTH CH test twice because I never could get it to work. It turned a yellow color and never changed to any other color. I gave up after like 50 drops.
Swirling manually is terrible, I had forgotten what a pain that is.
There are only enough reagents for 2 (!!!) CYA tests.

Conclusion: the pH test is just phenol red with the same comparator block. The sample tube and the CYA test probably match when taken outside. There is no way to test for CC. The FC test is not adequate for a SLAM or even my everyday target use.
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