Cloudy Water After 4 Inches Of Rain


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Feb 18, 2014
Petal Mississippi
Pool was crystal clear until a summer shower yesterday evening dumped 4 inches. The water is somewhat clear, just not crystal clear. 25000 gallons, Hayward salt with t-15 cell., sand filter with 300lbs sand, last serviced 6 years ago and back washed day before yesterday. FC-3.0, CC-0, PH-7.5, AT 60 CYA40. Pool runs 11 hours a day chlorinate 55%. Clear sky and bright sun 84 degrees, pool temp 82. Slightly dirty at bottom from wind 2 leaves. Thanks, Vince


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Welcome back to the forum Vince!

Cloudy water is typically a sign of algae starting. I would suggest you do a Overnight Chlorine Loss Test tonight.

Your CYA level is under what we would recommend for a SWCG pool. You also are only adding 1.8 ppm of FC per day to your pool with your SWCG. I would suggest raising that to 3 ppm (same pump run time, 90% setting on SWCG). Unless you have the pool covered with solar cover every day.