Closing, SLAMMED before full balance


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Oct 17, 2017
Whitby Ontario Canada
Hi All,
Working on a lack of sleep the other day I brought my pool to slam levels before testing and balancing the other levels. It passed the tests first night. (Side note first complete year only using TFP, haven’t been to a pool store once and I could find a dime on the bottom from my kitchen table all year - levels were all stable.). I believe my setup is in my signature, but salt pool, about 33,000 L, vinyl liner.

Anyways I’m hoping to close it down, ideally today. I still have 15PPM FC, I understand my other tests aren’t reliable over 10PPM. Questions are:
- how concerned am I with levels beside the PH and FC before the cover goes on. (Again pool has been pretty stable really haven’t adjusted too much throughout the season).
- adding the polyquat, I see add and circulate half hour to full 24 hours?

Thanks for your input!


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I would rather see ALL your test results to be sure but I'll just guess that you are fine and say, "close it up". Open early and fix it in the spring.

Circulate any liquid additive for probably and hour and it is adequately mixed.
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