Closed Pool with pH=7.0, any action needed?


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Feb 6, 2018
Chesapeake, VA
My pool is currently fully closed. Last year (the first time I closed it), I opened it the first week of April but it was too cold to go in the entire month and a ton of pollen dropped in. So this year I was going to open it the end April/beginning of May (although if the temps get too high I may have to open it with the exception of removing the cover to keep the pollen out).

I peeled the cover back (looks nice and clear) and took a sample. Everything was in band BUT my pH was 7.0 (was in band when i closed it). I double checked with a test strip which said 6.8. Only thing the water is touching is the vinyl, steps and metal step railing. Do you think I need to take any immediate action or should I just monitor it? Thanks!!
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Mark, there's really not much you can do until you get the water moving again. Even with the system off, I wouldn't place too much validity on those tests. I know you're trying to avoid the pollen mess, but my vote would be to open as soon as you can, let the water circulate, then test and go from there. Let's see what locals in your area are doing right now.