Check valve for blower


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Jan 2, 2018
Austin TX
Have a few spa-type jets in my pool that were fed by a water line and an air line from a blower. The orig layout had a Hartford loop at the pad with an (assumed) check valve in the upper horizontal section.

It looks like the Hartford loop is useless at that location (Hartford loop eval in my "reviving out of service pool" thread) and that all that I need is to have the blower mounted at least 12" above the max water line with a check valve. Bought a Jandy check valve, but now see that mounting it vertically would be incorrect in this situation - and there are special blower check valves.

So, do I go ahead and mount this Jandy horizontally above (?) max water line or would it be better to get a blower specific check valve? If the latter, any recommendations?
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