changing skimmer / manufactures


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Sep 11, 2007
I need to replace my skimmer, the complete assembly.
The one that came with the pool is a Waterway Plastics model and I can't find a replacment. My problem is; I would like to replace it with a solid name brand "Hayward" but none of the ones I have looked at have the same cut-out dimentions or number of mounting holes what do I do?


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Apr 29, 2008
I am in the same boat. I took my face plate to all of the local shops to try and match it up. We came up with a pretty good match and Leslie's. It matches the one that they sell with there pools so they would have to special order it from the manufacture. I am going to replace mine at the end of the season when I drain below the skimmer. For the time being I used silicone caulk to stop the leak I had since I don't want to drain now.

What is broken on your skimmer?

Is your skimmer standard or wide mouth? You can replace it with a bigger one and cut the wall to fit the larger skimmer. The other option it to patch the hole with sheet metal and make the cutout for a new skimmer. You could either screw, glue or rivet a piece of sheet metal to the pool. I would use silicone and screw or rivets. Hope this helps.