CH Test - R-0012 drop size


Sep 3, 2010
Indianapolis, IN
Just got my TF100 kit and did my first full test last night. Did the CH test last and noticed that the drop size was alot smaller and came out alot faster than those used in other tests. Is that normal?

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Jun 22, 2009
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I haven't heard of a problem with the R-0012. We've had reports of static causing the drops to be smaller on the R-0009 and it's certainly possible for it to affect almost any of the reagents. The remedy is to wipe the tip of the bottle with a damp cloth between drops. This phenomenon seems to disappear after the bottles are about a month old.

What CH number did you get, by the way?


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Apr 4, 2009
Don't give up :? You may just have high CH...espicially if you have used cal-hypo for chlorination in the past or weekly shocking.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Go to the "extended test kit directions" found on this forum and do the CH test where each drop counts as 25ppm instead of 10. That should make it simpler.

We have had no reported problems of drop size on the R-0012. All dropper tips are identical in size of the orifice but I have noticed the drops will tend to be somewhat different based on the viscosity of the fluid. That should have no affect on the test results.

As a reminder, you are holding the dropper bottle vertical and allowing the reagent to fall from the bottle, right?

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