Cart. filter suggestion: Hayward or Penair?


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Jul 8, 2007
Portsmouth, Virginia
Looking for a cartridge filter for 15x30 AG pool. Will be using Pentair 1HP Dynamo 2speed pump. Both Hayward and Pentair have nice filters. Does anyone have pro or cons on either (Ease of disassembly, filter replacement cost, etc)?

Basically, what do you use and do you like it?



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May 27, 2007
Middle Tennessee
tagprod said:
MikeInTN said:
I have a Hayward, and have had no problems except for the pressure gauge getting waterlogged. Just my .02.
same here - I had to have the pressure gauge replaced while it was under warranty.
I've replaced mine twice now. The third gauge I bought was one that was glycerin-filled. No water problems now, but the glycerin is turning dark. I guess I'll drain and refill it this fall, or bite the bullet and get a more expensive filled gauge w/ stainless internals.
I think the Pentair Clean and Clears are better constructed than the Haywards and just perform better. They are simpler mechanically (just look at a parts diagram for each) and tend to have fewer probelms, IMHO.