Can't get rid of Brown Water


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May 26, 2013
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Update July 12: Water became clear enough to see sides and bottom, so I vacuumed any remaining sediment to waste. The water is still tinted but I can now see serious stains on the seats, steps and sides. I tested for type of stain and a few vitamin c tabs were very effective, so the stain is is at least partly iron. My water exchange was done with my well water which is quite acid, so my PH tests low (below the scale). I'm going to do an ascorbic acid treatment for the stains.

I'm hoping the sequestering agent after the AA will remove the tint in the water. Water is definitely tinted but doesn't seem cloudy.

My question is should I bring the PH up to 7.2 before adding the ascorbic acid, or will a very low ph help the process?
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Jul 10, 2009
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I would bring the pH up to 7.2 You still need to protect the pool surface and equipment that may be damaged by long term exposure to low pH.
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