brown water

  1. T

    Can't get rid of Brown Water

    Location: Chattanooga Tennessee 20,000 gallon inground fiberglass pool Hayward s-244T sand filter – new sand within the month. Laterals checked and one replaced. Filter augmented with 2 cups of diatomaceous earth after backwashing My Pump is the ¾ HP Hayward STX 2600 super pump Ph 7.0 Fc 16...
  2. kaytiedgrace

    Wild Kingdom Swamp Pool

    Hi! I need some advice about how to get my pool opened. According to my Dad the pool is 20’ x 40’ the deep end is 8’ and the shallow end is 4’. He’s never checked to see what kind of material the pool is made of but we assume it’s concrete. It’s always been vinyl lined. A new liner was...