Can blowing out water lines cause damage?


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Jul 23, 2009
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
I was testing the seal on my return jets once they were blown out and capped. I tested the seals by turning on the blower (a Cyclone Vac) and splashing some water over the seals/plugs on the return. I did see some bubbles coming out, and a little extra twist sealed them all fine.

I was wondering later if the pressure from the blower would be enough to cause damage to the lines since they were sealed up and the blower was on for about 30 seconds building up pressure. As I figure it, the vac is rated at 160" sealed water pressure and so I would imagine the actual pressure would be quite small, in the order of 5-6psi, but I have no way of measuring this (my 1hp pump as measured at the filter runs about 10psi).

Guess I would just like piece of mind knowing a blower like the Cyclone won't be powerful enough to cause any damage.... :?


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Apr 4, 2009
I highly doubt it. Typical pool plumbing should be able to handle 30psi at a minimum as is typically used for pressure testing. Most pool filters I believe are rated at 50 psi max operating pressure.

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