Calling all Tremron Paver owners! Help!


Apr 24, 2017
Since it’s May the us TFP, you’re our only hope! :)

My wife and I have been extremely indecisive about Tremron paver colors for the last 2.5 months. I feel like we are living the same day over and over again. We go to bed thinking we’ve made our choice, then there is some variable that ends up making us second guess.

Part of the problem is we can’t rely on Google Image searches providing accurate results, and the Tremron catalog is full of professional pictures that have perfect lighting and image enhancements (contrast, saturated, HDR...etc).

The only thing we are sure of is the style of paver. The Stonehurst fits the bill for both of us.

Here are the colors we have been juggling and some of our thoughts around them:

  • Sierra
    • Too grey in some image for my wife
    • Blend well with landscape
    • May get hot?
    • Images vary from grey to brown online.
  • Sand Dune
    • Too bright?
    • Not enough variance of color and contrast
  • Cappuccino -
    • Samples look dated
    • Not enough variance of color and contrast?

Here is my ask from the TFP community: Can you please show me some images of your Tremron pavers regardless of paver style? I’d also like to know if they have been sealed (that seems to have a dramatic impact on color contrast). What were your impressions of the installed pavers compared to samples or showrooms? If you could do it again, would you choose the same color?

Thank you everyone in advance!

PS: We’ve gone to our pool builder for images, but they do not have the best repository.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Plenty of Travertine installs here Soupy. Giving you a bump, and bet you get some replies before too long.



Apr 24, 2017
Thank you Patrick! Everything just got more real today...they came out with a bobcat and stripped the grass and brought some boards, piping, etc. Hooray!


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Dec 23, 2016
St Aug, FL
We struggled with Tremron Pavers and colors as well so we ordered Sierra stone hurst. When they got here they were ugly. Too many color variables and nothing looked like the samples we had seen before. So they took those away and we are ordering travertine instead.


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Jan 20, 2017
St Augustine, FL
We struggled with Tremron Pavers and colors as well so we ordered Sierra stone hurst. When they got here they were ugly. Too many color variables and nothing looked like the samples we had seen before. So they took those away and we are ordering travertine instead.
As my hubby said above, we did not have a good experience with Tremron. I had the same issues as you. The photos are what I would equal to the photos we see in magazines of models - totally fake and doctored. What's worse is that we went to several stores and homes with samples and actual projects installed and NOT ONE looked even similar to the other even when they were the same color. Yes, I know, there are color variances. But variance doesnt mean completely different, it means varying from one to the other but still being related. I never saw ONE sample, example in the store or yard, or home owner project that looked like anything in the catalog or online. Yes, computer screens change things. But nothing looked even close to the stores either. And how are you supposed to trust what product you are getting when there is nothing that even closely resembles the other when looking at a large number of product??

Yes, they are all mixed individually and they don't have complete control. But really, in this day and age of technology, they should be able to get close. Maybe not look like twin sisters, or even siblings, but maybe like cousins??? Get my drift?

Anyway, I discussed my concerns with the Tremron showroom lady and she really had no answer other than their little CYA disclaimer of color variances and said we could return the product, except if you really read the return policy, it really isnt much of a return policy as it excludes almost every single situation and product. I also discussed my concerns with the manager of the distribution store we were ordering items from and they were flabbergasted and had no answers for my concerns. Also, I showed the Tremron lady a pic from her website and she said it was NOT their product and she wasn't sure where it came from. Uhm, ok... Then when I questioned why one sierra and another in the catalog online didnt even look remotely similar but a pic of Oak Run looked more like sierra, it turns out the pic of "Oak Run" on their website was actually sierra. I am like how is the consumer supposed to trust a company that basically admits they can't consistently replicate colors that are at least close to their samples and then cant even properly label or edit their website for images that arent their product or labeled properly. I honestly just had no confidence at all from then on. The only one true thing I noticed is that the sierra more often than not came out looking peach, flesh, pink colored, the grey was generally black, and I never saw the white base that it was mixed in.

However, out of all of the colors, like you, sierra was the one I disliked the least and if we were lucky and they came out looking at least somewhat related to the pics we saw and my friends patio, we would be happy, so we pressed forward with ordering Sierra in Stonehurst. The pavers and coping get delivered and yup, we ended up with pink, flesh colored pavers. There was no white base, no grey, only washed out black, and the coping didn't even blend in with the pavers. Then when they were wet, they turned a rust red, true black, and orange! Additionally, Tremron stressed to us to make sure we ordered everything at one time to make sure they were all made from the same color batch. Well the coping clearly wasn't made at the same time as they weren't the same as the pavers.

We ended up getting them sold off at the same cost and as hubby said, switched to travertine. Due to a mix up from the distribution store with our ledger stone (which they openly admitted to but tried to say they were the same color... Long story) we ended up trying to find a decking that was more grey based. We considered the glacier from Tremron but all of my fears that I had were confirmed with my order so I was not feeling good about another order. PB then told us he did a pool deck recently in glacier and the home owner was not happy bc the coping had a yellow tone to it! Glacier - it is white and charcoal to make grey. Where did yellow come from? That sealed it for me. We looked at Belgard as HGTV uses them for their Dream Home projects but we couldn't find anything that looked like the color they had at their most recent house, so we figured it was a custom color, and if the colors weren't right, I can bet they were allowed to refuse them regardless of any color variance policy. So yeah, we went with travertine.

I know there are several people recently that did Tremron and are happy. Hotrodbones and Mama something both in NE FL recently completed their projects and have them installed. I know Hotrodbones has Stonehurst.

Here are pics of the pavers they sent us.

Here you can see how the coping and pavers were not made from the same batch, esp the charcoal and tan as they look totally different. The coping charcoal looks like blue or indigo

Then wet, they looked awful

Here I wet the coping and not the pavers as the coping will be wet more than the deck with people splashing and getting in and out of the pool

Not trying to be negative but just sharing our personal experience. Every experience is unique. Like I said, I saw quite a few posts on here with them and they were happy and that is what gave me the push to go forward with ordering. And maybe other plants do a better job than the one here in NE FL?

I will say the Sierra, regardless of what mix you get, will be hot if you don't have a screen. I believe hotrosbones got cappuccino or sand dune to keep them from getting too hot. My friend has her front walk, porch, and decking next to her Kool deck by the pool done in Tremron mega olde town sierra and they look lovely. I wanted that mix of sierra. Unfortunately it didn't look anything like hers and they too had issues with the color and had to fight to have a better mix sent.


Apr 16, 2017
NE Florida
We are planning on either Cappuccino or Sand Dune mega old town pavers for our new pool.
Visited the plant in Jax and picked up samples of each color and liked them both.
Hopefully,we will be pleasantly surprised :rolleyes:


Apr 24, 2017
Thank so much for your reply! Your experience is exactly what we feared in seeing samples and pictures. The color variation is too much of gamble for us so we are going to another color...mostly likely sand dune in stonehurst. I still fear the possibly pinks and reds, but hopefully we will be able to pull out the browns with decorations and furniture. It's funny how they mislabel colors on their site. Even paver installer websites mislabel. That only adds fuel to the confusion.

We went down the path of Flagstone and Belgard and fell in love with a few colors, but they were only available in the northern market.

I'm sure we will be happy in the end. To be honest, I'll just be happy when we make the decision and we can move on.
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