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May 19, 2014
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How to close or reduce maintenance over the winter months?

New to the house, pool and area, I have learned a lot from the TFP since May. Had a great summer enjoying the pool and becoming the pool guy.
After slowly coming to understand the cyclical process, I just completed a slam and the result is beautifully clear water. But at 62 degrees it is only visually inviting. Outdoor temps are coming down, 70 daytime but mid 50s at night. I expect our winter to include some cold nights but just above freezing so we are not in danger and don't need to disconnect the pump or blow out the pipes.

Assuming that I will continue testing and adding chlorine every few days along with brushing and running the pump (slow speed) nightly, is there anything else I can do to minimize the water loss?

I have a bubble cover that helped warm the water nicely to 78 during our hot days. It did not prevent blown leaves from accumulating into the water after several days and nights. We are still losing water which is a concern due to California's drought. I feel guilty adding water just to be able to run the pump/filter while not even swimming.

Keeping the temp lower by leaving the bubble cover off should reduce chlorine drop but probably increase evaporative water loss.

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May 19, 2010
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Put the cover on. That will reduce the water loss and should lower the FC loss to the sun some.

You are correct though that you will need to continue to test and maintain the chemistry.