Buying a New Pool Heater in Ontario

May 24, 2016
Hello TFP,
I'll be buying a new heater this spring, and everything I am reading on TFP indicates that Raypak makes the more reliable natural gas unit compared to Hayward.
I'm in South-Western Ontario, and I was wondering if anyone can comment to the best place to buy a new heater, dealer vs. online.
I'll be doing the work myself, as I am just swapping out my 20yr old Hayward.
Anyway, I see Pool Supplies Canada seems to have great online prices, but I wanted to see if there was some better advice out there.
And I'm going new as opposed to used.
Thanks in advance.


TFP Expert
In The Industry
Jul 6, 2011
Double check that if you do the install that the manufacturer will honor their warranty. Many if not all state that the unit must be installed by a licensed installer in order for the warranty to be valid.