Brushing or Scrubbing IFG pool, why and how do I do this?

Stuart Batt

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Feb 28, 2021
I have seen this topic referred to often however there are a couple of aspects I am unsure of.

Why do I need to do this? What am I trying to achieve?
How often do I need to do this?
How do I do it?
How much of the pool do I do e.g. is it just above the water line on the sides?
Which parts of the pool do I scrub e.g. is it just the fibreglass or does it include all the other fittings in the water or close to the water?
What do I use ?

The pool I look after has a separate long adjustable pole with a small brush about 150mm by 20 mm with 20mm long silver coloured metal bristles. Is this what I use and if so how vigorously?

What is the correct type of brush to use? I have seen comment about using Stainless Steel bristles however I am concerned that bristles of a material that hard could scratch and damage the FG pool surface?

This pool was built in 1998 so the surface of the FG will be weathered to some extent and therefore more prone to damage from abrasion.

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Brush all pool surfaces at least once a week with a nylon bristle brush. Don’t use ones mixed with steel bristles. They are too harsh.

The purpose of brushing is to break up the biofilm on the surface of algae that may be in the pool surface. The biofilm protects the algae from chlorine. Breaking the biofilm allows the chlorine to be effective.

You need to put a bit of pressure into your brushing to scrub the surfaces. The water will make it difficult so do the best you can.
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