brownish orange stains on bottom edges of pool


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Jun 8, 2008
I have been keeping my chlorine at shock level for weeks and all numbers are great; been running the filter for 24/7 for weeks except when I used a flock. Pool is still very cloudy, but now I can easily see the bottom at least. There are dark patches around the edge of the pool bottom that I assumed were just crud that needed scrubbed, but I have used the brush and even with firm pressure, nothing comes off. How do I tell if this is iron stains or something like that? In the 5 or so years we have had the pool, I have never had a stain on the liner like this before.

Also, my kids all have blisters on their toes from the grittiness at the bottom of the pool - is this possibly related or a calcium issue maybe? We have well water, FWIW.




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Feb 18, 2010
Houston, TX
You can try some crushed up Vit C tablets or ascorbic acid in a sock on the stains. Rub the stains with it, or let the sock sit there for a while. If the stains get lighter, then it's metal stains. If not, more than likely organic. Hopefully someone else will follow up on this, I'm not really well versed in ID'ing/removing stains.

The grittiness could be from calcium scaling, if the water balance was off for a while.

Sorry I couldn't be more help...