Broken Flow Connector on Aqua Rite PCB

Apr 18, 2017
The flow connector on my Aqua Rite PCB was corroded and is missing a pin. Is there a replacement part or workaround for this problem? It seems a shame to purchase an entire new PCB for this small issue.


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Jul 24, 2015
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I don't have an Aqua Rite so hopefully someone who has had/repaired the problem will reply especially if they found an aftermarket replacement part. Having worked on many PCB s in my time I do have a few thoughts though if you are handy with a soldering iron you can de-solder the connector and investigate if any of the remaining good pins are unused, usually if that is the case they will either not have a corresponding wire on the output or they will be a redundant ground if you are careful you can some time move a pin from one socket to another. Failing that you can search a site like Digi-Key or if you are real lucky occasionally an auto parts store and find a new male and female connector and built your own adapter with a bit of lead wire soldered back to the board. Last option besides buying a new board would be have it repaired, I saw a guy on eBay doing just that.