Brand new inground pool - what chemicals to put in first


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May 2, 2010
Hello all ... long time reader, first time poster here ... we have an inground pool vinyl 60,000 litres (16,000 gal) with a SWG. Being filled as we speak and should be a go tomorrow ... numbers from the tap are:

FC .5
CC 0
TC .5
Ph 7.2
TA 110
Salt 0

Did not test for CH as I figure it is vinyl liner and CH is not a priority.

So ... I am thinking of doing the following:

1. 400 lbs of salt for a 3000ppm count
2. Stabilizier - 12 lbs to get CYA to about 50 ppm (currently none in the water) then afterwards bring to about 70 over the next few weeks
3. 165 grams of Tricholor - to get cholorine to 3 ppm while waiting for salt to disolve
4. PH for water is 7.2 and CA is 110 - aeration should bring the ph up slowly target PH 7.5 and 70 TA, so will cycle with acid to get to target TA.

Am I on track?


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Nov 18, 2009
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Looks pretty good. Do 1 & 2 immediately.

The trichlor will also add CYA, so keep that in mind.

TA isn't critical, and will come down slowly with regular additions of MA to keep pH in check.

pH is ok for now, but if you use trichlor it will drop. Aeration is probably a good idea.

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Jun 22, 2009
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Welcome to TFP.

Your plan sounds good but I wouldn't purposefully try to bring the pH up. It's good at 7.2 and with the SWCG it'll rise on it's own. Then you can start adjusting it down with MA and that'll move your TA lower as well.

Keep in mind that it'll take the salt a day or two to fully dissolve and register on the SWCG.

One last thing is that you should test your CH. You're correct that low CH doesn't matter to a vinyl liner but high CH will. Also if you have a heater (being that you spoke in litres I thought you might) some of them require the CH to be a certain level for the warranty.


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May 2, 2010
Thanks for the input ... sounds like I am on the right track ... will test for CH ... one last question, pool is filling and should be fully operational sometime tomorrow ... should I put some chlorine in now even though it will not circulate yet just to keep thing sanitized or should it be ok until the afternoon tomorrow ...

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