Both my total alkalinity and my pH seem unstable to me (they're moving around a lot).


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Nov 12, 2016
Plano, Texas
Costco, at my location, only carries the Clorox with the polymer additive (Chloromax). Walmart has their Pool Essentials brand of liquid chlorine available at a good price during the summer. I use either the Great Value bleach or their Cleaning Bleach when Pool Essentials isn't in store. HD's HDX pool chlorine or Lowes Kemtech are fine too. Google liquid chlorine with your hometown and you may get some pool stores near you that have it.

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Jun 5, 2019
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The pool essentials at Walmart is also nearly the most economical liquid chlorine to use. I get a slightly better deal on Hasa from a local dealer, but I think they are pricing it so it's competitive with Walmart, with their cards, coupons, etc. Even in AZ, availability of it is very hit or miss (mostly miss) in the fall and winter though. It's 10% where the Hasa is 13%

I don't know if anyone mentioned storage and the date. You want the newest stuff you can get, and at least in the summer you want to avoid bleach that has been stored outside. It rapidly degrades to salt water in high heat.......