Big time daily chlorine loss

Ronald U.

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Greetings. I have always noticed a large daily drop in FC during the summer. Up to 5 points is not uncommon for my pool. However, it seems to be even more lately. I target FC at 7.0 every morning. This morning's reading, pre-chlorine addition, was 0.5 points. 6.5 point loss during the day? Wow. Can anyone explain this? Does anyone else see this level of loss? True, I am in SE Texas, pool has direct sun about 9+ hours right now. Is there a solar cover that could cut down on my liquid chlorine usage? Thank you as always. I trust everyone is enjoying their pool.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Add 10 ppm CYA via the sock method. Test your CYA 24 hours or more after it is all dissolved.

I suspect your CYA has fallen some due to high water temperatures.

Get your FC up into target range ASAP.
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