Best SWG solution for 7,500 Gal Fiberglass Pool


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Jun 21, 2010
OK. I seem to be running into a dead end on the fully automatic route.

Switching gears...

Can anyone recommend a solid unit for this size pool?

I know it's generally a good idea to buy an oversized unit as you might get more life out of the cell with the lighter usage. However, it seems to me that you could go too far with this. If you're trying to keep the pool nice and stable, but you can't run much more than 10 or 20% without building and building chlorine, then it would be pretty difficult to make minor adjustments.

I run into this on a lighter scale with my Ecomatic ESC 36 for my 18,000 Gal pool. Sometimes 20% is not, quite enough, but 30% is just a hair too much.

However I do like the nearly 5 years that I've gotten out of the cell thus far!

But this is just my theory based on limited experience. I'd really like to hear some of your thoughts!



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Jun 2, 2008
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That is the trouble with inexpensive controls, they don't provide much adjustment! Also note that controlling based on a % of pump run time is altered when you change the pump run time (like to vacuum, or run a fountain, or just because someone is in the pool.). Having a separate timer for the ECG will allow you to set it to 100% power, and then vary the timer ON setting. Most digital timers are able to be set at the minute level, so if your pump run time is currently 8 hours, and your ECG is set at 50% power, you would set the timer for 4 hours to have the same amount of chlorine production. If that is too much, drop it to 3:45 or 3:30, or less. As long as the start and end times fall within the pump schedule, you'll be fine, and if they don't, don't worry, because all ECGs have a flow sensor on them so they won't work with out the pump running!


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May 7, 2007
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I don't recommend getting a SWG designed for more than three times the size of the pool. That assumes it is adjustable by single percentage points. You would want something a little smaller if it goes in 10% or 20% steps.

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