Before you fill your empty pool...


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Dec 20, 2014
Highland, CA
I’m sure it’s on the forum somewhere, but I’ve never seen it. But right before you fill your pool, you can take a photo of your water meter. Immediately after it is full, take another photo. Using both photos, you can calculate how many gallons your pool / spa are. I’ve done it to both of my pools. You can usually find how to do the calculations on your water companies website or YouTube. I found a calculator to convert the cubic meters (which is how my water meter displayed usage) into gallons after a quick internet search. I’ve done this for both of the pools I’ve owned. I turned my irrigation off and told family to shower before I started filling so the calculation would be more accurate. So yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. The end.


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Aug 7, 2019
Middle Georgia
Our water bill is 1/2 for water and 1/2 waste water. If a home owner calls our utilities dept. and advises a pool is being filled, they will check the meter/or accept a before & after photo of meter, then charge only for the water used and no sewage charge. Check your utilities dept., you may save a couple of dollars.
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In the City of Bremen, where I live, you call the water dept and tell them you're filling a pool, and they make an adjustment based on how many gallons you tell them the pool is. Small town Georgia, nickname is Mayberry or MayBremen, it's all honor system here.

When we filled out pool, it ended up being about $15 more on the water bill, so we didn't bother calling. Water is cheap in Mayberry, we're situated on the Tallapoosa river.