BBB New Pool Startup

May 20, 2008
Ok so Im looking to startup my pool today. Filter has been running Hayward EC40 DE for a couple days now just to keep the water circulating. Im looking to use the BBB method. I have purchased my TF pool kit, havent tested my water yet with the kit. Will do that tonight. I took my water to get tested today at the local pool store. I would like to know how I should start. The kid at the pool store laughed at me when i told him about the BBB but after reading through these forums I really dont care. Anyway here are my numbers from the pool store

Above Ground Vinyl 15 x 30 9100 gallons

FC =0
TC =0
PH = 7.4
TA = 30
calcium = 30 (dont think this matters as I have a vinyl above ground
CYA = 0
Phosphates = 200

Can someone point me in the direction to start please. I have 3 gallons of bleach, 4lbs baking soda and the borax. What to start with first?? How much ?

Thanks so much in advance!!!


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May 7, 2007
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Put in 5 cups of 6% bleach right away and again each evening till you get your test kit and can test the chlorine level. Pour bleach slowly in front of a return.

You need some CYA in the pool. I would start with 2 lbs, wait a week and then test it and see where you are. CYA can be added directly to the skimmer.

You should raise the TA level a bit soon and more later. I would start with 4 lbs of baking soda, and then test it again when you get your test kit. Baking soda can be scattered across the surface of the pool.
May 20, 2008
Thanks Jason. I have my tf test kit I will test again later tonight.

What exactly is cya? Is it stabilizer, I can get it at the pool store right?

Thanks again. What exactly is the borax for again?