Baracuda Genie 3000 - how does it work?


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Oct 16, 2014

I am a new pool owner (we moved house and the new house came with an already built pool). Included was a Baracuda Genie 3000 pool cleaner.

It is an old pool cleaner, but it seems to be working fine.

I have a few questions about it, and it's parts, and I'm hoping somebody can explain...

1. How does the diaphragm work? It is an unusual shape. I'm guessing the narrow part rapidly opens and closes as water moves through it creating a pulsing motion that forces the cleaner to move (backwards)? Kind of like "water hammer" being used to create motion?

2. I don't understand the purpose of "resetting the diaphragm". What is the point of this?

3. The compression fitting that goes over the inner extension tube - I'm guessing this does nothing more than hold the inner extension tube in place when the cleaner is OFF (i.e. so that if you lift it out of the water the inner extension tube won't fall out); it serves no purpose when the cleaner is on as the suction would hold it in place?

4. There are a few air bubbles coming through when the pool cleaner is plugged in (but there aren't any when it's not plugged in). Therefore, it must be an air leak in the hose somewhere. Either the hose itself or where the sections join (or both). What is the easiest way to pinpoint leaks in the hose so that I can replace just one section potentially?

5. How exactly does a skimtrol plate work? I understand that I turn an assembly underneath the plate to adjust the speed of the pool cleaner (i.e. adjust the suction). The little section that rised on the skimtrol plate is in the opposite direction to the suction underneath, so how is it supposed to lift up provide some surface skimming if the suction is underneath rather than above?? The skimtrol plate is working just fine nevertheless as I had to slow the cleaner down.