Baquacil Conversion

Apr 15, 2007
Hi all, I am new to this site and I just wanted to let you know that I have completed my conversion process from Baquacil to Chlorine. After reading as much as I can on the other websites I decided to take the plunge..After 8 years I have finally converted..I was tired fighting the cloudy water/late season algae that Baquacil was always creating...All in all, the process wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I started last Saturday and the pool is finally clear today. It went thru a series of colors from murky green, to gatorade lime to clear. I used roughly 25 of the large gallon jugs of Ultra Bleach that you can find at WalMart...There was alot of goop in my filter and I had to constantly backwash to keep at lower psi here are my latest readings

FC = 3 (i can't get it to stay higher yet) just put some more chlorine in tonight..will check reading in the morning
TC = 3
PH = 7.0 (seems low to me)
TA = 100
CH = 270

I can't seem to get a good reading on my CYA...I am using a leslie's service DPD kit -i think it is made by Taylor....Any suggestions...

I have a 30,000 gallon, vinyl lined pool and am using a Hayward DE Filter.

If I get the FC up further what are my next steps in this process...where do I want to maintain these levels on a pool this size...


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Mar 28, 2007
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If you have no CYA, you will have trouble keeping chlorine in your pool. Until you get a handle on your CYA reading, we cannot advise where your FC should be. Usually a CYA of 30-50 is recommended, for which you need a FC of 3-6 with shock at 10. This seems to be the optimal CYA to keep your chlorine from burning off too fast, without having to keep a high FC.

Your pH is a tad low... you need to use some borax to bump it up a tad... Somebody else can tell you how much approx. you will need to get to about 7.4

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Apr 15, 2007
I am trying to get a good CYA reading but for some reason the test kit is hard to follow on this...I will try to get a sample to the pool store and revert with a readng....Thanks
Apr 15, 2007
Hi folks, thanks for the insight...I will post my test results shortly but just wanted to say thanks..The pool looks the clearest it ever has so I am truly happy that I went for the conversion...I have changed the filter media, [post conversion and have been running filter constantly...still trying to figure out the best way to adjust the I will do some reading now..where is the best place to start???

what I want to know is where can i find the add in calcs for chemicals..if ph is low/high how much to add?? if chlorine low, how much?? wil the bleach calculator tell me??