Autopilot - Salt Level Reading & Shocking


Jun 11, 2007

I have an AutoPilot Dig 60 running normally at 37% level 2 w/ salt at 3400 PPM maintaining FC ~5 ppm @ 84 degrees 12 hour filtering.

We just had a bad rain storms & had some dirt run into the pool from landscape run off - and had to drain a good bit of water to prevent from overflowing and started the clean up by shocking ( w/ bleach) sweeping etc good news is it should be completely clean by morning.

Since I drained water from the pool and diluted the existing salt reading with rain water - the salt level dropped to 2800 using a taylor drop salt test - however the Autopilot started reading 4700 for salt level ( I was running it in boost mode and shocked with bleach to 25 ppm to clean up after a rainstorm). My question is why is the autopilot reading so high? I recalibrated the salt reading on autopilot - and turned the purifier down to zero - and using bleach until it is all clear. (Other #s CYA 60 - PH 7.2 Alk 90 Calc 210 CC 0 33K IG Vinyl Solar heat)

Thanks in advance. My guess is the high chlorine level made the autopilot reading high and it would have dropped on it;s own -- but since I recalibrated -- will I have to recalibrate again once it goes back to normal FC levels?


TFP Expert
Apr 15, 2007
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
I have no comment at this point. I don't know why it would have increased to 4700 ppm. High chlorine does not affect the salt reading, as there is a dedicated salt sensor reading this measurement. Please retest your salt and calibrate the Digital to match your test result, then monitor it.
Let me know if it does this again.


Jun 11, 2007
Hi Sean

I retested the salt and got a reading of 2600 - using the taylor kit that 1 drop is 200 ppm also the last test was after the rain so it has had time to circulate (explaining the 200 drop) I yesteday morning I calibrated the Autopilot to 2800 ppm and this mornng it was reading 2900 - running again since last night at 37% - I went ahead an recalibrated it for 2600. The cell is clean (no scaling).

I'll try again tomorrow to see what occurs.

Also --- I've been meaning to post a thank you for all of your help during the installation. The installation went very easy - I did go with an electrician - as I needed a new breaker - but it is well worth it. The chemicals have been perfectly maintaining - and the 2 timer settings are the best! I've only had to sweep since installing nothing else - (except for a bad landscping project I did that the rain got dirt in the pool)

Thanks again