Autopilot Quick Check


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Jan 7, 2008
First off, thank you to poolsean for the more accurate electrical diagram for our Autopilot. the electrician came today and was done within an hour. The time I read it should take most electricians. One of the reasons I bought the AP, was b/c of your support here poolsean.

Poolsean, do you happen to have any diagrams on how to connect an Intermatic timer (1353). That is the next step for our electrician, but he is now nervous about installing anything to the AP and wants a diagram from you..LOL. He did have a timer connected and the technicians a few weeks ago told him he could not have one on this system...huh?

Now that the AP is connected, I want to make sure the cell is not operating at the current moment since we have no salt added yet!! Can someone please confirm that the all I need to make sure my cell is not being used is the the panel should say "Purifier 0%".

Can I assume that when it says "Purifier 0%" it does not allow the cell to generate salt/Cl?

One last question, when adding chemicals do I need to turn the SWG off (purifier 0%?)?


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Apr 16, 2007
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
You're very welcome. I'm looking for the wiring diagram for the 1353, but no luck....YET. I'll send it along as soon as I find it.

However, with the time clock, there should be a wiring diagram already. You want the electrician to connect the 220 volt HOT leads from the main circuit panel to the LINE side of the time clock.
There should also be a White Neutral wire; and a Green Ground wire.
There are usually TWO dedicated terminals for the hot leads, a wire nut tying all the white neutral wires together, and a Green Ground lug on the 1353 metal chassis.

This particular time clock breaks circuit to one of the two hot leads. SO, be very careful as there will alway be one energized line going from the time clock to the equipment. IF a disconnect switch is used between the time clock and the Pool Pilot, that will allow the voltage to the Pool Pilot to be completely off, for servicing. However, I would recommend that the Main Circuit breaker to the timeclock alway be turned OFF whenever servicing anything electrically with the Pool equipment.

Hope this helps.