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Aug 13, 2019
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My upcoming build I made a few mistakes before signing, nothing major. One was not getting the exact detail of the equipment, so right now the only thing in writing is Jandy 2HP flo pro and Jandy CV 200 cartridge. This is for a 15k gallon pool with a 8 jet spa. I asked about upgrading to automation and the number came back at $2,750 for an upgrade to the Aqualink PS4. I trust the PB, they have been great to work with and to me that sounds reasonable, but regardless of that as a best practice I still like to verify things - is this about right? Normally I would just look this stuff up but there isn't much data out there for consumers and Jandy.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Flap, do you have a build thread going? We need to understand everything you have in your pool to comment on what is the appropriate automation.

You start one build thread, it could be this one, and keep it going with all of your questions. That way everyone sees the history and we don;t keep asking the same questions and repeating things.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Sounds about right to me, but you really have got to know what you are getting before accepting...

Will the system allow for control by your PC, phone or tablet?

What will the system control vs. what you want it to control?

Will it switch between the pool and spa mode? (Most do)

Will it turn any water features on/off?

Are any actuators included? Did the pool builder use ball valves that can't be controlled by actuators?

Will it control your lights? And if so, how many and will you be able to control the color of each light independently?

Will you have a SWCG? Will it be controlled by the automation?

Now would be the time to go with a VS pump... Will your new automation system control a VS pump?

What kind of remote controls come with the system?

The key here is for you to tell your pool builder what you envision happening when you press a button and then let the pool builder tell you what that system will cost.


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