Aquarite P4 connection to Superflo (as a two speed pump) - PUMP DOESN'T TURN ON BY AUTOM


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Jul 25, 2017
Plantation, FL
Until board burnt out, system worked as follows:
Automation would turn pump on based on TIMER1 9am-11am at high speed
Automation would kick in TIMER2 from 11am-5pm at low speed. Aux2 light would come on.
I could manually turn pump on by pressing filter button and pressing it again would bring about low speed.

Okay, before replacing board, I wrote down the configuration:
T1-ALL was 9-11am
T2-ALL was 11-5pm
AUX2-ALL was 11-5pm

Filter Pump was 1 speed
Aux 1 was solar
Aux 2 was timeclock, relay was standard, interlock disabled, freeze disabled
Valve 3 was solar

However, I didn't remember to write down the display on superflo pump.


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Mar 2, 2011
You probably need to set it as a two speed pump in configuration.

Is the pump powered directly from a breaker?

Does the pump have power?