Aqua-rite under-reporting salt level?


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Dec 10, 2018
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It may do if you turn it off first. If you do it while the controller is on, it throws an error light, at least mine did. I did not try to turn it on without the resistor in the circuit.
From what I observed, if the thermostat is disconnected while the switch is in OFF position, the display will show "cold". Pushing the diagnostic button clears the fault.
There is no fault condition if the thermistor was disconnected prior to powering on the system. I do take precautionary measures when working with electronics and I did not try disconnecting the thermistor whilst the cell is chlorinating! I can only assume the drastic changed in temp will show cold. And not sure at what point it will resume chlorinating if indeed it was interrupted.

I am so pleased with the Temperature Sensor Resistor mod that was explained earlier, that I am considering implementing a more accessible option. My Salt Cell is running at 10% and is adequately producing enough chlorine for my pool.

Here is my update solution (Not recommended for those without any soldering skills):

The junction of R12 and R9 and pin 10 on the Cell Plug are where the Temperature Thermistor is located (Across those 2 pins). I am considering putting a 10k potentiometer inside the controller box with a switch to enable or disable it. It does involve some skills, but no more than are needed to replace the dreaded power thermistor.

R12 and R9 will need to have one side of them removed and then joined together with a wire, soldering a 10k Pot with a 8.2k in series and a Single Pole Double Throw Switch in series between pin 10 on the cell connector and the junction of the lifted R12 & R9.

If you mount the pot in the controller box, then you can simply check you pool thermometer and adjust it accordingly. When you replace the cell you can simply switch it off till the new cell's temp sensor fails, and it will sooner or later.

I realize this does involve some good soldering skill, but is a really easy mod for those with them.
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