Anyone deal with Sunshine pools in Mesquite\Forney TX


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Jun 3, 2012
Mesquite, Texas
A little history. My pool came in 3 days ago and all I want from them is an install date. I have been told 3 times they would check with the installer and call me back. I work from home as a Network Administrator for 4 different companies. I work on the phone. I also have 3 dogs who will bark constantly while my pool is being installed so I need to take the time off from work during this install. I was told that once it came it they would put me on the install schedule and give me a date.

I have to ask for the time off in advance so I need as much notice as possible and I have told them this. However, I cannot get them to call me back. I am pondering getting the pool picked up myself and having a different installer put it in. The same guy who installed my last pool actually. He does good work and even works with Sunshine from time to time.

Am I overreacting? I am in customer service and you do not tell a customer you will call back and not call them once, let alone 3 times. Granted I would have to wait for a refund on the install which I have already paid for but I am prepared to take that step.

Talk to me. Am I being an Rear about this? am I expecting too much?


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Jun 3, 2011
I don't think your asking for too much but I am also an admin so we might be a little more customer focused :)
I had similar issues with our pool install and I called the pool store and requested a new installer, had the pool installed a week later so might be worth calling the pool store and bending an ear :)